Super Dodgeball mini-clips: 'USA! USA!'

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|12.22.07

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"Pow! Right in the kisser!"

Aksys Games has put out another round of Super Dodgeball Brawlers videos, this time showcasing the special throws available with Team USA's roster (last week's clips were from the Nekketsu Highschool team). Once again, the movies are extremely short and without sound, but you still get to see some dudes get their blocks knocked off, thrown off the screen and across town from the force of a connected power shot.

Super Dodgeball Brawlers is scheduled to smack North America in the back of its head this Spring 2008 (without online support, unfortunately). The next set of videos Aksys plans to release will feature Team England and arrive on January 4th. Head past the break for the rest of this week's seconds-long clips -- you might want to take your glasses off first, though.

William's Accel Shot

William's Screw Shot

Rafael's Giganto Shot

Ash's Igniting Shot

Ash's Cannonball Shot

Johnny's Loop Shot

Johnny's UFO Shot
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