How-to guide details fix for stuck LCD pixels

We've heard all sorts of myths when it comes to fixing a stuck pixel on an LCD, and while the following methods shouldn't be expected to bring completely dead pixels back from the grave, commenters seem to think the methods are at least somewhat successful in getting pixels out of their single-colored funk. Up first is the flashing colors approach, which points you in the direction of a free java applet that rapidly flashes different hues on the screen to try to get the affected pixel to change. If that fails, you can try applying pressure to the stuck pixel, and if you're still left with the annoyance, you can resort to tapping the monitor with an eraser nub (or similar). So if you find yourself sick of staring at that non-conforming pixel, hit the read link and give the trio of methods a go -- just don't go in expecting any miracles, alright?