Ask Engadget HD: What is the future of DVD recording?

We know, you're probably still concerning yourself with all that new kit you picked up yesterday, but how's about taking a moment away from your sparklin' fresh toys and giving this inquiry an answer? This week's Ask Engadget HD question comes from Paul, and it's a good one.

"What is the future of DVD recording? Will high-definition DVD recording be affordable soon and if not, which of the current crop of DVD recorders performs the best?"

Looking back, we've actually tossed out a DVD recorder-based question before, and though it needn't be said, a lot has changed in 1.5 years. Currently, there are a few units that handle HD DVD / Blu-ray television recording, but most are sold outside of America and at near-stratospheric prices. As for high-def archiving, we're already seeing the prices come down to levels that laymen can wrap their heads around, but even that realm has quite some ways to go before it's ubiquitous. So, dear readers, give this (admittedly open-ended) inquiry some thought, and whichever angle(s) you choose to hit, drop those thoughts in comments below.

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[Image courtesy of PCWorld]