Tributaries coax / Toslink converter

Steven Kim
S. Kim|12.28.07

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Tributaries coax / Toslink converter
Tributaries coax/Toslink converterWouldn't you know it -- just as we bemoan the lack of a coaxial digital output on the Toshiba HD-A30, a device to address that gripe comes along. Tributaries has introduced its AC100 coax/Toslink converter to keep the digital audio bits flowing over either format for times when you either get caught short on cabling or (worse yet) you've run out of appropriate inputs/outputs. Operation of the 2-inch square box is easy enough: plug in the wall-wart, plug in your cables and set the switch for conversion direction. The unit will pass along PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS; so if you're relying on coax or Toslink for audio (no DD+, TrueHD, DTS-HD or DTS-MA) you're covered. The MSRP of $50 is worth the price of a headache saved, if you ask us. While you can get no-name boxes that do the same thing for less, we're hoping the installer market the AC100 is meant for will get treated to higher quality components.
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