Worst gaming hubby - ever

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Worst gaming hubby - ever
If you find this news item about the Chinese gaming husband who drove his wife to attempt suicide boring... blame the holiday furor for the lack of any Earth shattering MMOG news this week. That, or you're not married at the moment and could care less. But if you ever have plans to tie the knot, pay attention, and don't do what this guy did.

See, I am a gaming husband, so I found the bit about it over on PlayNoEvil to be quite humorous. Well, sort of - since it had an upbeat ending (no one died). Whenever these stories (almost always coming from overseas) involving people playing until they drop dead from lack of eating, or in this case doing something equally stupid, ya gotta go... WTF?

This latest off the wall news involves a newlywed husband. Guy just got married and he's more intimately involved with a video game than he is with his new wife (Bad Move #1). The new hubby goes on a gaming bender for two months (Bad Move #2) and racks up online fees to the tune of $2,700 (20,000 yuan in China) - of his new wife's money (Bad Moves #3 and #4). When the well runs dry he goes and asks for more (Bad Move #5)! She of course balks at the absurd request, a fight ensues (I wonder if he ever contemplated going the route of his fellow countryman and use WoW as an excuse for some supernatural powers). The wife goes and takes a bunch of sleeping pills in an attempt to kill herself, which fails due to the timely arrival of a healing mage, er... paramedics. As the Gaming World Turns...

Do you have an equally bizzaro tale? If so, let us hear it!
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