Fido wakes up, remembers to offer Motorola RAZR 2 V9

Updated ·1 min read

Hello, Fido! Welcome to, oh, about two months ago. We know that you live in Rogers' ginormous shadow, but let's try to be more on the ball, k? From the looks of your RAZR 2 product page, you're still a little sleepy, too: "Cristal [sic] Talk" isn't how Moto spells it -- and as curious as we are about "pear to peer gaming," we're pretty sure you meant "peer to peer." Anyhoo, unlike Rogers' V9, it looks like Fido is getting the same pinkish color scheme that AT&T is rocking -- for better or for worse -- and features the usual V9 goodness: HSDPA, A2DP, a 2 megapixel cam, microSD expansion, and so on. Speaking of microSD, Fido throws a 2GB card into the deal, but being a couple months behind the bleeding edge doesn't come cheap -- it'll run $150 on a three-year contract after $125 rebate.

[Via Mobile In Canada]