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Motley Fool declares Apple stock of 2008

Motley Fool declares Apple stock of 2008
Scott McNulty
Scott McNulty|December 31, 2007 4:30 PM
Will 2008 be the year of Apple? I thought 2007 was the year of Apple (and before that 2006 wasn't too shabby as I recall), but it would seem that those foolish stock dudes over at The Motley Fool think that Apple stock will be the stock to have in 2008. They point out Apple's aggressive, and successful, retail growth, the iPod and iPhone, and rumors of movie rentals in iTunes as reasons to be bullish about Apple. Not to mention that people actually like Leopard (no offense, Vista, you are trying pretty hard and we appreciate it!).

I, personally, do not own a single share of Apple but I wonder how many TUAW readers out there are shareholders. Sound off in the comments.
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