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Tatung's mysterious Windows Mobile-powered UMPC / PPC hybrid spotted

Darren Murph

We're really digging these UMPC / PPC hybrids that seem to be popping up every so often, and even though those full-fledged (and overpriced) first generation UMPCs didn't exactly shake up the mobile computing world, we're a forgiving bunch. Presumably similar in function to HTC's Athena X7500, this mysterious Tatung device will apparently sport a longer battery life than those tried-and-true UMPCs, have "instant on" capabilities, and feature Windows Mobile 5.0. We can only hope that it sports at least a few connectivity options, but until CES (hopefully) discloses a bit information, the pics snapped (click on through for more) at Computex will have to do for now.

[Via PocketPCThoughts]

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