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iLamps galore at Target


Last night, I took my eldest daughter and headed over to Target to replace our dying handvac. While there, we did our usual end-cap promenade to see what items had received the red-tag blessing of clearance. I was surprised to find several dozen iLamps marked down by 75%, apparently left over from the Christmas rush.

Other than the iLamps and a number of extremely ugly iPod cases, there were not a lot of iPod-related bargains to be found and the main (non-clearance) iPod section had been picked clean. Those of you who take pleasure in such things will be tickled to note that the Zune section remained in almost pristine pre-Christmas condition. If you're in need of an iLamp (and at that price, who isn't?), you may want to call ahead to check availability at your local store before you rush-on over to experience red sticker madness.

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