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Details on Sim Crossing


Er, we mean Sims Wii. We can't help but compare it to Animal Crossing, though, both in look and gameplay, since there's a very definite fusion effect going on here. EA's taking a cue from a winner, though, and obviously looking to appeal to Japanese audiences.

Many thought that Sims Wii might incorporate Miis, but that isn't the case. The character design is similarly simplified, with a focus on the facial features of the childlike characters. And rather than resorting to thought bubbles or the pee-pee dance, these new sims will use those detailed faces to demonstrate their changing moods. Animal Crossing's influence permeates the way this Sims is to be played, as well -- you'll build everything, from residences to business, and don't forget the landscaping. That's totally okay with us, as the building was always the best part of the Sims series.

If you didn't catch the trailer awhile back, it's included after the jump. This ain't the Sims you've played before ....

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