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Eidos exec says more innovation is what we need


Eidos bigwig, industry vet, and all around gaming guru Ian Livingstone recently lashed out at the stagnant state of gaming during Tim Wapshott's Games Central podcast. He criticized the industry as a whole, stating that most studios weren't interested in taking risks, and that's resulted in a few genres, owned by a few big titles and a legion of knock-offs. One of the few areas in which we do see innovation is in technology, and it's no surprise he lauded Nintendo's DS and Wii in that area. "Nintendo has demonstrated that you can carve out a new market through innovation. The DS and the Wii will demonstrate that gameplay, gameplay and gameplay are the three most important aspects of a game, and that technology and graphics support that experience." And we fully agree. Slick and stunning graphics are one thing, but the game should drive the graphics, not the other way around.

Though speaking of companies doing the same ol' thing, we kinda want to bring up that whole Tomb Raider thing they have going on over at Eidos ... but since Legend was a vast improvement, we'll let it slide.

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