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Asus Z84Jp 17-incher leaked

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know there's a core contingent of Asus nerds who await their next laptop launch like so many MacBooks, so we're happy to present their latest (leak), the 17-inch Z84Jp. Expect this 8.8 pound piano-black monster to pack a 1680 x 1050 display, Core 2 Duo up to 2.33Ghz, DDR2 RAM up to 4GB, SATA drive (sorry, it only sounds like there are single-drive configs) with external SATA connector, NVIDIA Go 7600 graphics, HDMI (huzzah!), VGA, and S-Video out, four speakers (plus subwoofer), 2 megapixel webcam, Bluetooth, gigabit Ethernet, ExpressCard, PC Card, 7-in-1 media reader, and, of course, the Vista variant of your choice. It should be out mid to late January, at a price unknown (but for the safety of your lines of credit, you probably don't want to know). One more shot after the break.

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