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BlackBerry 8800 in the wild

Chris Ziegler

Now that RIM's gone and whetted our appetites for fashion-conscious business phones with the Pearl, the logical next step is a full QWERTY equivalent for the SureType haters in the crowd. That model would be the 8800 -- a handset that holds onto all the modern luxuries of the aforementioned 8100, while tacking on the requisite additional keys to make it a true CrackBerry in every sense of the word. A HowardForums member has gone out on a limb to grace the world with the first live shots of the 8800 (which he actually identifies as the "8900c" -- we'll have to see if that name sticks), looking pretty much as hot as we'd expected it to. It seems like every subsequent RIM release brings the BlackBerry closer and closer to the consumer mainstream; if anything, this one looks like it might be a smidge too thick to conveniently pocket, but we'll just have to reserve final judgment until we get our paws on the beast. Cingular, T-Mobile, care to pick this one up on the double?

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