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Blow off clothes in body spray advergame

Kyle Orland

Most online advertising games are pretty dull -- extremly basic sports and racing games are par for the course. But there's something a little more titillating in the latest online advergame from Dare Digital.

Lynx Blow doesn't have much of a setup, just a full screen video of a scantily clad woman in a barren winter landscape and an entreaty to blow into a microphone or headset "to make me hot." Indeed, constant blowing thaws out the woman and eventually blows her top off, at which point she runs off and you can start all over again. Don't want to bother with blowing for your PG-13 fun? Check out this flickr set of the photo shoot or this video of clips from the game.

While the game certainly captured our attention, we can't really vouch for its effectiveness as advertising. We had to search the interwebs for ten full minutes just to figure out what the heck this Lynx product was. No, it's not a portable game system or a text-based web browser -- apparently it the British version of America's Axe body spray. I suppose most of the game's target audience would already know this, but would it have killed them to at least squeeze a link to the product page in with the scantily clad goodness?

[Via Coolzor]

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