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GameSpot editor-in-chief resigns, now a developer

Ross Miller

Greg Kasavin, GameSpot's editor-in-chief, has announced his resignation from game journalism to work for the enemy, an as-of-yet-unnamed game developer, "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get my foot in the door and contribute to one of my favorite gaming franchises."

Kasavin, born 1977 in Moscow, joined the website in 1996. Regardless of what you may think of GameSpot and their review system (2-point inflation, anyone?), the gaming news site is a powerhouse in the industry that carries a lot of weight. We wish Kasavin the best of luck and hope, for sake of curiosity, that we find out soon what studio (and in what aspect) he has found himself a part of.

[Thanks, Einhanderkiller]

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