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i'Coo baby stroller Made for iPod


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an iPod in the baby carriage! We've blogged about iPod-enabled strollers (or prams, if you prefer) before, but it's been a while, so let's revisit the concept, shall we? The point of an iPod combined with a stroller is not to tune out your screaming kid - got that? The point is to entertain the kid. I think. I hope!

The Pico-iPod from i'Coo appears to be more than just a stylin' stroller. It's a whole line of iPod-enabled baby paraphernalia including a car seat, diaper bag and something called a cosycoon, which I can't quite figure out... is it intended to hold your baby or just your baby's stuff? Regardless, it all looks pretty cool and if I had a baby I would totally wheel him or her around town in that stroller, iPod and all.

The hood (or canopy, if you prefer) has a built-in iPod dock, volume controls and speakers so you and your baby can rock out while you run your errands. Other details are scarce, but it will be available in both black and white and it looks like the same thing that RockStarBaby was showing off a few months ago. Based on the prices I found for other i'Coo strollers, I'd say these will probably go for about $300 USD. Ouch.

Thanks, zxspectrum!

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