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Palm Treo 750 launch presentation, including price and release date

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, we knew Palm and Cingular were launching the Treo 750 on January 7th (i.e. the unofficial first day of CES), but now we've got the full skinny on the release. Customers will be able to get theirs at Cingular retail stores, or Cingular or Palm's online stores on January 8th for $399 with two year service agreement (and $100 mail-in rebate). Oh, did we mention the 750's gonna come with that sweet threaded messaging app we've been waiting for (well, some of us haven't been waiting for it), and has a free HSDPA upgrade due in 1H06? Check out the rest of Cingular's launch presentation after the break. Have a nice week, Treo fans.

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