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Three funny quickies from WoW Lj

Mike Schramm

Three quickies from the WoW Livejournal that I found chuckleworthy today:

How many GM swords do you see in the picture of the AV loading entrance to the right? I'm a slacker (I haven't done any serious PVP grinding yet), so I haven't gotten mine, but it looks like everyone else is picking up epics aplenty thanks to the new honor system. I'm sure there's a few dual wielding warriors and a few rogues in there, but still-- that's a lot of Grand Marshal blades (and are those the shoulders, too?).

I'm still not convinced, however, that they should raise honor prices. Maybe Blizzard should just come up with some new kinds of swords to buy.

From the forum sig of a dwarf pally:

I'm a little pally short and stout,
Here's my hammer, here's my mount.
When I see a horde I scream and shout,
Pop on ma bubble and hearthstone out.

And last but not least, I bet they do. And I bet they play Alliance, too.

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