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Windows Live for TV hits beta

Darren Murph

Apparently, SideShow isn't the only Vista attraction trying to garner attention, as the project formerly known as Nemo has gone and hit beta, picking up a more politically correct name along the way. Now dubbed Windows Live for TV, this flavor of Windows Live is made to play nice with your TV through Windows Vista Media Center, and adds an expansive interface that "provides easy access to Spaces, Messenger, and Live Call." More specifically, users can reportedly browse Spaces in 3D, utilize "full keyword searches," initiate real-time text / voice conversations, converse via Windows Live Messenger, and navigate the panes with a mouse, keyboard, or remote. Unfortunately, Windows XP users won't have much luck here, as it's built to work solely in Vista Premium / Ultimate. Also of note, the beta page requires users to be signed in with a US Live ID to function, so be sure to hit the via link to peep a few more sneak peeks at the software in action.

[Via PVRWire]

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