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Around Azeroth: One day, a wyvern quit his job...


I admit, I've seen more than one or two shots of bugged mounts in my time. Occasionally some sort of error will cause a bat, gryphon, or wyvern to not vanish upon landing -- instead the character will be shown mounted still, but with full control over their movement. However, this collection of shots, sent in by reader Skeez, is certainly the most amusing I've seen of such an event. First, we see Skeez's wyvern friend decide to take off from Hammerfall on adventures with him...

Being Horde, he thought it might be nice to meet new people, and took a trip to Refugee Point to visit the Alliance in the area.

Emboldened by his success, Skeez traveled south through the Wetlands, into Dun Morogh, and finally into the heart of Ironforge itself. (Bank security is apparently terribly lax these days.)

Fearing he'd overstayed his welcome, Skeez continued on his journey, leaving Ironforge and heading through Loch Modan towards the Badlands. He stopped here to ask directions to Stormwind City...

"I claim this town in the name of my guild, Fist of the Bunny!"

It seems like the city took his words to heart. But where's the crown?

For more screenshots (complete with hilarious commentary) of Skeez's adventures, you'll have to check out his own recollections of the trip.

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