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LG announces 20 new LCDs for CES 2007


We're beginning to wonder just how much floor space LG has reserved at CES. Beyond its plasmas and other high profile launches, the company has announced a lineup of 20 LCD HDTVs to go on display next week, including nine 1080p models. There are five different lines of products coming, in our opinion headlined by the LY3D series, featuring 47-, 52- and 57-inch 1080p LCDs with TruMotion Drive 120Hz panel technology for clearer moving images and improved wide color gamut, displaying up to 92 percent of the NTSC spectrum. Next is the LB5D series of panels, which at 37-, 42-, 47 and 52-inch sizes bring 1080p resolution, 3 HDMI inputs and USB Media Host capabilities to the table. The next level of panels are the LB4D line, which include TruMotion Drive for 120Hz refresh, and combine that with a third HDMI input and USB Media Host for streaming pics and music.The 47-inch model will be 1080p, but 32-, 37- and 42-inchers should all come in at 720p. LG's LC7 line of LCDs range from 26- to 47-inches and include only the base features of the HDTVs shown, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, LG Simple Link HDMI control, XD Engine scaling of low res signals and TruWide Viewing Angle tech. Last and, literally, least is the LS7D series measuring at 20- and 23-inches, small widescreen LCDs with integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners. From the leastest to the mostest, LG says we can expect overall even slimmer flat panels and glossy black finishes to make sure things look good even when the TV is off.

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