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Logitech Cordless MediaBoard for PS3 (hint: it's a keyboard)

Good news for those of you frustrated with clumsy gamepad browsing on your PS3: Logitech has announced the Cordless MediaBoard for the PlayStation 3. It's a wireless (Bluetooth or proprietary?) keyboard with a built-in trackpad and vertical scrollbar, expected to retail for $80. Yeah, that's it. Of course, if $80 is too rich for your blood, you can always get a wireless keyboard that uses a USB dongle or wait for an update enabling Bluetooth keyboards. According to CNET's PS3 review, "The system will eventually allow you to pair the PS3 with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse ... It's unclear whether all Bluetooth keyboards, past and present, will be compatible, but Sony assures us that many will." We just wanna make sure you've considered all your options is all.

[Via Engadget]

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