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Sony renames new HDTV standard xvYCC to x.v. Color/Colour


xvYCC, the new standard for wider color space supported in devices using HDMI 1.3 connectors, is certainly alright with us, since it should provide for even better looking HDTVs. Of course, someone in marketing at Sony decided xvYCC isn't exactly the easiest thing for customer's to get their heads around, and has redubbed the standard x.v.Color (or x.v.Colour for those who insist). Mitsubishi and Sony are leading the Color Standardization committee within the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association to market new LCDs that outpace the old school sRGB color range of CRT displays. Sony didn't name any specific product to carry the x.v.Color sticker just yet but you know there's this little meeting going on next week...

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