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Up for auction: Marcus Fenix


Recently spotted on eBay was a handful of Marcus Fenix statuettes. Most of you will recognize Mr. Fenix as a the hulking badass with a chainsaw on his gun from Gears of War. The statuette is roughly 15cm tall, hand painted, and has a limited edition production number on the base. Curiously, all three auctions are based in the UK (the currency for each is in GBP). Was Microsoft running some special promotion in the UK (or is some guy using three user names to sell them)? All three statues have at least 2 days left on the auction block, and the highest bid currently stands at £65 ($126.33). If you've got the urge -- and the cash -- to have one for your very own, you still have plenty of time to place a bid. Given how much they're going for right now, we could see these hitting $200 by the time the auctions end. How much would you fork over to get one?

See an embiggened image after the break.

If any fanboys get there hands on one of these, be sure and let us know.

[Thanks, un1qu3 n3wy0rk]

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