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YummySoup! 1.0

Scott McNulty

YummySoup! 1.0 is a slick new recipe management app with a silly icon, and that's just the way I like my icons. This app incorporates an online library of recipes, full screen recipe display (which comes in hand when one is cooking), smart groups, and support for multiple shopping lists. The shopping list function is cool, you add recipes to your shopping list and then you can print it out or email it to yourself to make shopping a breeze. Sadly, it lists the ingredients per recipe, instead of aggregating them into one über-list, so if you have two recipes that call for a pound of chicken it doesn't like 2 pounds of chicken but rather 1 pound twice.

YummySoup! is Universal, has a 15 day trial, and costs $20 for a full license. Best of all, it isn't even in beta!

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