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Rumor Murder: PS3 with no Blu-ray


We were trying to ignore this rumor driving article about a PS3 without Blu-ray, but we continue to receive tips about it. So, it's time for simple Joystiq equation time: PlayStation 3 - Blu-ray = Not PlayStation 3.

The games are now, and for the foreseeable future, on Blu-ray discs. If the Blu-ray tech was taken out all the games produced wouldn't work. Has the Blu-ray format caused issues for Sony? You better believe it! But the idea of a non-Blu-ray PS3 is unbelievable ludicrous insane unlikely. It would contradict Sony's entire marketing campaign and it would hurt the success of the Blu-ray media format -- and, just for a bit more emphasis, none of the PS3 games would work. In time, the Blu-ray production issues will work themselves out, the technology will become cheaper to produce and we'll eventually see a PS3 price drop. PlayStation 3 is Blu-ray and Blu-ray is PlayStation 3.

[Thank you to all those that sent this in -- now please stop]

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