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Halo 2 for Windows Vista: frag friends on PC and 360 (but not together) [update 1]

Kevin Kelly

With Bill Gates' CES keynote winding down, we're left to sort through the gaming news that flooded out from Microsoft. While there was no mention of a new Xbox 360 console, or Gears of War for PC, there was a lot of hubbub about Games for Windows. Microsoft showed off UNO playing cross-platform on a PC using the Xbox Live service, allowing Xbox 360 users to get some game on with PC users.

However, where Microsoft had been saying that Halo 2 wouldn't work with Live Anywhere, we now know that's wrong still true. The same press release touting the ultra-hot UNO news also goes on to say, "Microsoft also showed off Shadowrun (Microsoft Game Studios) and Halo 2 for Windows Vista (Microsoft Game Studios), the first of many titles that will enable gamers on Windows Vista to connect with their friends on Xbox 360 through the Live network." See update below - apparently you'll be able to interact in some way with Xbox Live users, but not via gameplay.

Bing! Official confirmation that you'll be able to reach out across networks, systems, and enemy lines to bring the Halo 2 experience to a cubicle near you. Can't leave the office early to make a match? No sweat, fire up the PC and join your buds on Xbox Live. We not sure how nice the two systems will play together, but it's a promising announcement.

Update: MS rep - "Bungie's FAQ is correct; there is no cross-platform gameplay between Vista and Xbox 360." So, you can just think about what almost was.

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