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Little Twin Stars grace case of Gigabyte's new phone


You may not have heard of the Little Twin Stars -- two characters from the same guys that created Hello Kitty -- but for fans of "Kiki" and "Lala", this phone is a must have. However, considering that the popularity of the Little Twin Stars peaked in the early-80s, we have to question Gigabyte's logic in targeting this specific demographic. That said, we've never been able to rationalize the tendency of phone manufacturers to place strange murals on their devices. It's not like we're blown away by the Little Twin Star mobile's specifications either, with the 2-inch 176 x 220 LCD and 2-megapixel cam having average stamped all over them, and the string of obsolete connections standards -- GPRS and USB 1.1 -- packaged alongside them feeling decidedly out of place in 2007. In summary: if you like the Little Twin Stars, then you might consider buying this phone. Otherwise, move along.

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