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Live coverage from Toshiba's CES press conference


The room is packed to the gills, and it took a few shady dealings to even get in the door, but we're finally in. Right now they're touting their various HD technologies, it's a bit of a yawn, but we'll join Mr. Presenter in progress all the same.

10:37 (PST) - Touting DynaLight, and now ColorBurst, which will be featured in all 1080p sets for wider color gamut.

"Not only do you want a better picture, but you want it to be easier to use." Hence CE-Link, which allows for device / TV communication via HDMI, so that remote operations can be simplified.

10:40 - Now he's talking about hertz. So very (not) exciting. A new ClearFrame 120Hz tech eliminates LCD motion blur, which plasma fanboys have been shouting about. "Motion vector frame interpolation." Sounds pretty hot.

A Regza "Perfect Storm" is announced, a "trifecta" different LCD types. We'll have the details soon, but you'll be happy to know that the slide was accompanied by an obligatory lightening sound effect.

That's it, Toshiba has about a million new LCDs, featuring less blur and better blacks, and will have a "Regza wall" in their booth to show 'em off.

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