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Samsung announces US launch of HT-TXQ120 and HT-TX250 HTIB's


At CES next week Samsung will be showing off two Home Theater In A Box systems, one of which is new. The first is the US launch of the HT-TXQ120, which features a 1000 Watt 5.1 "Tallboy" speaker system and progressive scan DVD player, and the second previously unseen system being a lower spec HT-TX250 5.1, 600 Watt, slot-in DVD home theater system. As well as hitting that 1k Watt psychological sweet spot, the HT-TXQ120 features 9.1 Virtual surround sound (we expect this to be very much "virtual"), HDMI in/out with 1080i upscaling, USB 2.0 Host Play for playing DivX, MP3, WMA, and JPG files without a PC, and Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, and DTS Audio decoding. The system is also Wireless-capable for simple cable-free installation. The HT-TX250 system is similar to its bigger brother in terms of features as it shares the USB Host Play, Wireless speakers, and audio decoding capabilities of the HT-TXQ120. The main difference here is the lower 600 Watt power rating, HDMI output only, vertical slot loading DVD player, and an apparently "innovative" LED-based user interface. We're told to expect the HT-TXQ120 to hit US shores in March and the HT-TX250 in April, although as of yet Samsung hasn't decided on a price for either system.

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