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Samsung builds on ATSC, develops A-VSB for mobile broadcasting

Darren Murph

While Argentina tries to figure out if ISDB or DVB is the way to go, Samsung is giving us North American folk something (else) to cheer about, and it's dubbed A-VSB. Yes, that unfortunately means that you'll have to learn yet another acronym in the world of digital television broadcasting, but if the benefits turn out to be as sweet as they sound, it'll be worth it. Quite simply, Advanced-VSB technology "builds on the current ATSC transmission standard to enhance the ability of receivers to get television broadcasts in motion both indoors and out," and also "eases synchronization of broadcast signal timing of different towers in a Single Frequency Network (SFN)." SFNs are most certainly your friend, as they can improve the signal strength throughout an entire service area, allowing even remote and heavily walled locations to fetch their favorite shows. Possibly the best news about this newfangled development is its backwards compatibility with current digital TV receivers, meaning that potential implementers can't use that excuse when approached by Samsung. Currently, A-VSB is being "standardized in ATSC," and field tests are planned for "early 2007," but here's what you really want to know: implementation should happen shortly after "the first half of the year."

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