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Wanting more worst game endings ever


Lacking in breadth, CVG posted the worst game endings ever. Making the list were obvious choices Halo 2 and Shenmue 2, along with subtler decisions like Perfect Dark and Fable. Their definition of "ending" also is a bit inconsistent. We're not sure if it means the ending after the last boss or just final section of the game. Either way, it's a great conversation topic.

It's interesting to note that even after a quarter century of home console gaming, the endings to many games just fall flat. Opening glitz pull players in, gameplay gets them to stay, but where's the big payoff in games? Usually the ending alludes to a sequel, rather than making us feel good about the adventure we just completed. Now that it's after the holidays and we hope many of you got through some games you've been meaning to finish, any game endings you found disappointing?

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