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Better and cheaper iPod screens from Philips


Now this I want. At CES 2007, Philips introduced two new iPod gadgets, the DCP750 and the DCP850 which allow you to dock your iPod and watch your video on a 7-inch or 8.5-inch screen. You can use the included car adapter, so you can watch video in your car on these nicely sized screens, or you can use the rechargeable battery (also included) that offers about two plus hours of playtime. When plugged in, your docked iPod will recharge. Both units also allow you to view photos from memory cards and play DVDs. (S)VCDs and DivX-on-disc as well. (There's an onboard DVD player as well as the memory card reader.) Best of all, the units cost $150 or $200. Much better thought out, I think, than the Altec. Here's a link to the press release, but be warned it's a Word doc.

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