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Bright View Technologies bringing contrast enhancing film to your plasma

Matt Burns

Plasmas can have a killer time trying to produce great contrast with ambient light in the room but Bright View Technologies may have easy third-party solution. They have developed a film that we can only imagine will attach directly to the plasma display and therefore increasing the viewable contrast by kicking down the glare to a more controllable level. Because of lack of deets' and pictures, it must be similar to those screens you can put on your monitor to help with glare but then it kind of begs the question, what are the side effects going to be? Reduced viewing angle seems like the most logical one but there certainly could be more. We are sure though that some plasma owners will take the bad with the good, with the hopes of bring down all that glare on their PDP. Supposedly the product will be hitting shelves sometime later this year with samples becoming available this quarter.

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