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Lexar announces ReadyBoost-friendly thumb drives

Cyrus Farivar

We're not really sure how excited we can get over a new set of flash drives, but Lexar's doing its damnedest to shake things up here at CES by announcing a pair of 'em. The JumpDrive 360 (pictured) is a hinged drive that protects the USB jack, so you'll never have to worry about losing that cap again. The second of the pair, the JumpDrive Mercury, is a souped-up version of the one we saw around this time last year (including that capacity meter) except that it now comes out in 1GB and 2GB sizes. Keep in mind that all of these drives are ReadyBoost-certified, just like those others that we've seen of late. Be sure to check the pics of the Mercury on the flip side.

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