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Live from the Hitachi press conference

Ben Drawbaugh

We're here at the Hitachi press conference in the Central Hall a few hours before the Show starts. It is at their booth so space is limited.

Chief Strategy officer and VP
Kevin Sullivan
A year of change, the main change is that the company to a market driven company.
New management, in preperation for explosive growth, marketing speak.
They plan to re-double market share, is that a word?

They increased their distribution with a partner ship with Best Buy and retained relationship with Circuit City and Sears.

Also strengthened director series with boutique stores.

6:18 Jeff Fotchman
1999 first DVD camcorder.
At CETEX they launched the hybrid camcorder, DVD with HDD.
Why no HDD camcorder? They lead not follow, so the release the Hybrid.
DZ-H3300A $599 available now with 8GB Hitachi Microdrive, 6 hours standard mode or 3 hours in fine mode.
Dubbing button to burn discs from HDD without a PC.
DZ-HS500A 30GB Mircodrive 23 hours in standard or 11 hours in fine.

8:15 John Ocer with global storage division.
Smart HD drive.
1TB to ship in march for $399
Cinemastar for the DVR market.

AVSM - Audio video storage manger, software in device that increases efficiency for multi-stream HD content.

New LCD, 32" and 37" panels.
As well as some IPS Pro-panels, which uses in plane switching for viewing angels and reduction of blurr.

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