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Pioneer announces in-car AVH-P4900 / 5900DVD entertainment systems


Pioneer has announced a couple of new in-car entertainment systems which they've designated the AVH-4900DVD and AVH-P5900DVD. Both units feature motorized touchscreen LCDs (6.5-inch for the 4900, 7-inch for the 5900) and XM and Sirius connectivity, but the 5900 one-ups the 4900 with the inclusion of iPod compatibility and sync-support for Bluetooth phones thanks to an optional CD-BTB100 Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth support goes far enough as to enable traditional speakerphone usage thanks to an integrated microphone, dialling through the unit's touch screen, and displaying caller id, along with A2DP support. Fortunately, Pioneer was thoughtful enough to include an auxiliary audio input on both units, so 4900 owners can still plug in and play whatever audio device takes their fancy. Interestingly for the few of you out there who listen to compressed music, Pioneer has included some voodoo technology called Bit Map Expander that supposedly is capable of "filling in" areas of music that are missing after compression -- not that you'll notice it over the din of your rocket powered car. The AVH-P4900 will be shipping in March at $800, with the AVH-P4900 coming in at a slightly pricier $1000 in May.

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