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PS3 hacked to accept Xbox 360 controller


If you're running Fedora Core 5 on your PS3 and happen to have an Xbox 360 controller lying around -- blasphemy, we know -- then you may be interested to know that a new hack makes the PlayStation 3 capable of accepting instructions from its arch rival's wired controller. Apparently a guy called diabolix managed to throw together a driver for the device, taking us one step closer to realizing one of the runner-up designs from Joystiq's PS3 controller redesign contest (pictured.) So far the PS3 has been the most congenial of the new-gen consoles, seeing as it can now read instructions from the controllers of both its rivals. Of course, neither of these activities was motivated by a desire to make up for inadequacies in the PS3's Dualshake -- that thing's an Emmy award winner!

[PS3 Fanboy]

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