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PS3, Xbox 360 account for 80% of Blu-ray, HD-DVD players

Blake Snow

The Wall Street Journal via the Post-Gazette examines the HD format war including new dual-format players featured at CES this week, and the reality that if movie fans want a Universal HD movie, they'll have to buy it on HD-DVD, and if a Disney HD movie is desired, they'll have to buy it on Blu-ray.

More interesting, however, is the report's claim that of the 695,000 current US consumers that own either a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player, 400,000 own Blu-ray because they bought a PS3 (58%) and 150,000 own HD-DVD because they bought Microsoft's HD-DVD upgrade kit for the 360 (22%). So PS3s and Xbox 360s used as movie players account for 80% of total HD players in the market. Makes you feel sorta like a pawn, doesn't it?

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