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Samsung and Cox get friendly over OCAP

Darren Murph

It was exactly a year ago today that cable companies were getting all warm and fuzzy with OCAP, saying they were meant to be together and couldn't do without one another. Of course, once CES 2006 ended, so did all that lovey-dovey talk. Once again a cable provider is going out of its way to show support for the OpenCable Application Platform, as Cox Communications has signed a hardly-binding letter of intent "to accelerate the development of interactive digital cable services leveraging OCAP on Samsung HDTVs, set-top boxes and digital video recorders." Of course, we heard this same line at last year's Samsung press conference, but hey, we're willing to give it one more chance. No particulars were given in regard to any certain HDTV, STB, or DVR that would be coming down the pike, nor how quickly this stuff would get accomplished, but until we hear something substantial regarding progress after CES, we're not holding our collective breath on this one.

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