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Tired of the SIXAXIS? Why not swap it with a 360 controller?

Nick Doerr

So, we already know someone hacked into the PS3 and made it so the Wiimote could be used as a sort of pointing device... kind of like how it is on the Wii itself. The Playstation 3 isn't going to stop there, however. Someone else has hacked up their system and got the "almighty" 360 controller working on it. If you've got Linux on your PS3, you can most certainly use the wired version of the 360 controller. Its functionality has been tested with snes9x (an emulation program that kicks bum) and Doom and passes with flying colors.

If you want to install the driver onto your PS3, the install file is here. Let us know if you get it running.

[via PS3-Hacks]

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