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Ubicod UMS200 set top box does PVR and VoD


Ubicod has thrown together the UMS200, a standard definition set top box which does a whole lot of interesting stuff with your video. The most interesting feature for us is the network capability made possible by two Ethernet ports. If you hook up a PC to the box you can watch live TV pretty much anywhere: it also goes the other way and lets you stream MP3s, pictures, and unnamed video file formats to your TV. Taking a little step back, the UMS200 also features a PVR function with time shifting for those of you that don't fancy watching TV on your laptop screen. Specs wise the UMS200 has a 200MHz processor for decoding MPEG-1, -2, and -4 video, as well as streaming MPEG-4 over a network at bitrates from 300kbps to around 6Mbps. Unsurprisingly for a standard definition device, it only features analog RCA outputs, so you'll have to look elsewhere if you like your definition nice and high. Other less interesting features include online flash game support, and an Electronic Program Guide so that you can plan your life around what shows happen to be on. We'd love to tell you when and for how much the UMS200 will ship, but unfortunately Ubicod's product site won't cough up the details.

[Via MaxGizmo]

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