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Vonage inks deal with EarthLink to resell WiFi

Darren Murph

While this deal has been brewing for some time, it looks like the deed has finally been done, as Vonage has landed a deal with EarthLink to resell wireless internet access wherever it has municipal WiFi networks already in place. EarthLink already has such services setup in places like Anaheim and New Orleans, but we can't help but mention that WiFi in some of these areas can be fetched gratis. Nevertheless, Vonage is hoping that its VoIP / wireless broadband bundle service will help it compete in the ferocious market, and has promised a "next generation Vonage WiFi phone" to go along with the newfangled service. EarthLink doesn't think selling access to its networks will cannibalize its own TrueVoice VoIP service, as it believes that service and support will still sway more customers its way than with Vonage. The deal allows Vonage to purchase internet services "wholesale" from EarthLink for three years, and it seems that Vonage will also be offering whatever hardware and software necessary to get folks up and running with the new addition without much (or any) extra cost. No word on if The 5678's will crank it up a notch to celebrate the agreement. [Warning: Read link requires subscription]

[Via GigaOM]

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