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Westinghouse launches five digital picture frames

Cyrus Farivar

If there's one piece of technology which can unify geeks and non-geeks alike, it's digital picture frames. Westinghouse wants to get into the game as well, with its five new frames that range from the DPF-0562 5.6-inch model ($100) to the DPF-1411 14.1-inch model ($400), the latter of which sports a 16:9 aspect ratio. Like many of its competitors, Westinghouse's include a base amount of storage (128MB), but offer compatibility with most of the standard card formats including CF, SD, MMC and xD. Don't have a flash card? Really? There's a pair of USB ports as well for your data transferring pleasure. Either way, expect to see these hit stores sometime after March of this year.

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