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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 9

Barb Dybwad

We're past the halfway mark in our Countdown to Burning Crusade, but there is still loot to be had. Don't forget you've got until tomorrow at 3pm to send us your best screenshot of Caverns of Time to win a 60-day game card. You've also got til 3pm Thursday EST to get us your best Ironforge or Orgrimmar screenshot for a shot at winning an Alliance or Horde crest t-shirt, respectively.

On to today's bidness: you have free rein on the above image (right-click it to snag a hi-res version) to work your Photoshop magic. Do whatever thou wilst, and if it's the best submission you'll be the receipient of The Art of World of Warcraft book. You have 48 hours for this one, so send your less than 5MB submission (one entry only) to us at countdowntobc AT with "day 9" in the email subject by 2pm EST on Thursday, January 11.

[Thanks to Basem for the image!]

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