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Dell intros digital cable-ready Home Media Suite


As you may have seen in our coverage of that other keynote going on today, Dell seems to have gotten into a bundling mood, announcing the Dell Home Media Suite set to launch soon after the release of Vista later this month. At the core of the setup is the familiar-looking XPS 410 desktop, packing a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, a 1 terabyte RAID disk array, and, especially notable, a digital cable tuner so you can fill up all that space with recorded HD programming. Dell's also not skimping on the monitor, throwing its just-announced 27-inch LCD into the mix, alongside a slew of other peripherals, including a set of Creative speakers, a Creative Live! Voice webcam, a Dell Photo All in One 966 printer, a Linksys Draft N router, and a Linksys powerline AV bridge. While Dell hasn't announced how much it'll cost to get all that delivered to your door just yet, if you add it up the parts (even with the inevitable discounts) you know it isn't going to come cheap.

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