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Guitar Hero: distortion pedals on the way?


Game Informer has posted a pretty straightforward preview of the Xbox 360's version of Guitar Hero II, listing the ten exclusive tracks and some of the achievements waiting to be unlocked (both lists after the break). Things get a little more interesting, however, when the focus shifts to a mysterious port situated on the X-plorer controller.

"While RedOctane wouldn't elaborate on that port's function other than saying it will be 'gnarly,' it's the same port that's used to connect the pedals to the base station on Microsoft's steering wheel. Let's just call that a coincidence for now..." The folks at BBPS stomp the subtlety out of the article and venture that distortion pedals might be due for the next Guitar Hero installment. We don't use the word much, but that really does sound gnarly.

[Via BBPS]

Tracks exclusive to the Xbox 360 version:

  • Possum Kingdom -- Toadies (original recording)
  • Salvatio -- Rancid
  • Life Wasted -- Pearl Jam
  • Billion Dollar Babie -- Alice Cooper
  • Hush -- Deep Purple
  • Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo -- Rick Derringer
  • Dead! -- My Chemical Romance (original recording)
  • The Trooper -- Iron Maiden
  • Drink Up -- Ounce of Self (unlockable bonus track)
  • Kicked to the Curb -- Noble Rot (unlockable bonus track)
Some of the achievements:
  • Eddie Van Halen Award: Get a 500 note streak
  • Life of the Party: Bought all characters
  • Record Collector: Bought all songs
  • Big Spender: Spent $10,000 at store
  • Perfectionist: Get 100% on a song
  • 200k Club: Get 200,000 points in a song
  • Rock Snob Award: Refused to play an encore
  • Scoremonger: Got an 8x multiplier

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