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John Carmack taps DS for latest game


In a brief interview with Game|Life's Chris Kohler, the lead ego at id Software (psychology joke!) expresses interest in porting one of his recent cellphone titles to Nintendo's touchy-feely portable. John Carmack explains that the potential port of Orcs and Elves (not to be confused with long-rumored comedy adventure, Orko and ALF) would be enhanced and would represent his first step back into the historically colorful lands of Nintendo.

Carmack recalls that "we were always just kind of peeved at the whole Nickelodeon censor arrangement with Nintendo. So we've kept them at arm's length for many console generations now." Thankfully, Nintendo has long since embraced limb-severing violence and is unlikely to inject bizarre green blood into Carmack's tale of swords, sorcery and ... is that Smaug?

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