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Monster flat screen PowerMount

Matt Burns

Say what you will about their cables but this is a sweet innovation in flat screen mounts. Monster as Incorporated their Clean Power surge protectors into a flat screen mount. So this way your flat screen is protected against surges, spikes and ground loop hums while it is hanging on the wall without anything extra. The two power plugs are located at the bottom of the mount, with coax grounding receptacles at the top so installation should be a breeze. We really don't see this as a cable management venture as the six foot power cable that comes with flat screens is going to have to go someplace within the small confines of the mount and we don't see the arm holding all of it. Someone really liked it though as it was an honoree for the 2007 Innovations in the Video Accessories Category at this years CES. The mount is available now with a MSRP sticker of $249.99.

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