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Rumor: Virtua Fighter 5 is 1080p

Ross Miller

True HD, if you ask some people, is only 1080p. It's a shame, then, that few PlayStation 3 titles have yet to push resolution that high. Virtua Fighter 5, then, would be a great addition to the small library of 1080p games.

According to a scan at IGN, the latest edition of Sega's flagship fighter might support 1080p resolution. However, the scan of the back of VF5's box is very fuzzy and could easily be just a Photoshop job by those abusing the Internets. Not only that, but we're pretty sure Sega or Sony would be mentioning 1080p as often as possible.

We should know definitively by February 8, whenVirtua Fighter 5 lands in Japan.

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